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Published: 17th May 2007
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Eric Freeman was born on 1964 in Yonkers, New York and currently Lives and works in New York.Pulsating with an electrified glow, Eric Freeman's paintings resonate disquiet energy, their minimal compositions dizzying in their defiance of space. Comprised of four diffused coloured bands set vertically against a black ground, Industrial Road reverberates with immaculate tension, its forms appearing to undulate in 3D perspective. Drawing comparison to abstract painters such as Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, as well as sculptors such as Dan Flavin and James Turrell, Freeman's work combines the illusory qualities of paint with the physicality of altered environment; his large scale canvases having the effect of magnetic fields, shifting the perception of centre of gravity.

Paying homage to artists such as Joseph Albers and Marc Rothko, Eric Freeman's Red Inside Green re-devises the metaphysical qualities of abstract painting for a contemporary age. Using contrasting hues, Red Inside Green offers subtle deception through colour perspective, its geometric forms continuously bulging and receding in illusionary space. Seamlessly painted in oil, Freeman's canvas possesses an artificial vivacity; its ethereal glow reminiscent of plasma screen technology, creating an electrifying aura that is both spiritual and synthetic.

Eric Freeman marshals fields of electric color and optical effects in the service of an abstracted landscape. Of the five vivid, oil-on-linen paintings included in this show of untitled works dated 2003, four are 8 feet square, and of those, three express the distinct horizon-centered orientation of a landscape with a central darkness disclosed as though from between thin, parted lips. The paintings' upper and lower halves seem symmetrical and appear to swell out horizontally from the support, expanding through sometimes hot, often acidic hues that resolve into thin bars of graduated color that bracket the upper and lower edges.

Conclusion :
Eric Freeman's diffuse paintings are not unlike the artist himself. Stand back and you see bands of hazy color. Get closer and you see their construction and feel the hand and compassion of the artist. But the paintings - and Freeman - never completely come into focus.

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